First Steps
in Forex Course

Course Aim:

To provide the knowledge to take you from the “idea” that trading Forex might work for you, to a state of readiness to begin to trade a LIVE account.

Cost: FREE

First Steps in Forex course

This course is for you, if…

You are NEW to Forex trading (either new to trading completely or only traded other financial instruments e.g., shares, options, etc.
OR You have traded Forex some time ago and need a refresher course to get you started again.

Your ‘First Steps’ package includes…

Online Video Course

Three modules of learning, comprising 23 "bite-sized" length videos and additional downloads to help your learning journey. You can view all of these on PC, tablet or phone for maximum flexibility.

Maximum Support

Access a demo version of an MT4/MT5 trading platform so you can practice as you learn with NO financial risk. You will receive information about our FREE live events. An individual account manager will help you with your account and platform.

Course Content:

Module 1 - Understanding the Forex Market
10 video units of learning to enable you to get a better grasp of how the Forex market works including how people profit risk management and an explanation of some of the Forex terminology that you must know.
Module 2 - Your Forex Entry System
9 video units of learning enabling you to gain an understanding of how people make decisions to enter a Forex trade, understanding and using price charts and market sentiment to contribute to your decision-making. We provide an example entry system and further demonstrate how to place trades on your MetaTrader platform.
Module 3 - Your Forex Exit System
6 video units of learning that focus on alternative potential exit strategies that contribute to your risk management as well as the opportunity to lock in and take profit (with trailing stops and profit targets). We provide example exit statements to help you develop a plan and demonstrate how to exit trades on your MetaTrader platform.

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