Inner Circle

Course Aim:

To provide ongoing weekly education and market review to build knowledge and confidence and connect with other Forex and CFD traders.

Cost: FREE

‘Inner Circle’ is for you, if…

You are at ANY level of Forex trading and want to develop new knowledge and skills.
 You have traded Forex some time ago and need a refresher to re-examine your previous trading systems and behaviours and re-develop the confidence in trading.
You would like to connect with other traders in the ‘Inner Circle’ community.

Your ‘Inner Circle’ package includes…

Weekly Education Webinars

Weekly education webinars offering innovative and comprehensive learning across all aspects of trading knowledge and practice; We include access to a library of previous sessions for MAXIMUM learning value.​

Inner Circle Facebook Group

Access to your Inner Circle Community Facebook group for regular updates, on-going support with any questions you have, and the opportunity to connect and discuss trading with other traders.​

Maximum Support

Email support from the programme facilitator to help with any questions about the program content. Your individual “Dedicated Account manager” will provide the support you need with your account and platform.​

Inner Circle Content:

Education topic of the week
This unique approach to offering “Client-led” education, where the group choose the topics for future discussion, means that your needs are more likely to be met. We cover a wide range of topics which can be examination of specific technical indicators, advanced system development, and behavioural or psychological aspects of trading.
Market Watch section
Your Market Watch section within every session where we look at what is happening in the market and with the major currency pairs LIVE. We will include key price points, key indicators and descriptions of what we see to facilitate your understanding of reading price charts.

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You will receive a weekly update relating to the next topic and can choose whether the session is appropriate for your development and come along if it may be of benefit.

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